Lapis Arm Chair

Furniture Design Focus: Lapis Arm Chair

A Good Furniture design example, the Lapis is a creative Arm Chair design. Lapis was designed in 2009, and here is a how it is described by its designer: An elegant chair to fill in the happy home spaces! You can lean backwards without fearing to fal <Cropped>

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Mobile Air Purifying Robot by Ecovacs Robotics Co., Ltd

Ecovacs Robotics Co., Ltd Creates The Atmobot Aa Mobile Air Purifying Robot

ECOVACS ROBOTICS CO.,LTD, the architect of the award winning project ECOVACS ROBOTICS CO.,LTD's Atmobot AA Mobile Air Purifying Robot points out, ATMOBOT AA is an intelligent air purifying robot that achieves mobile purification of the entire ho <Cropped>

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Award Winning Ametis Shower System

Graff Creates The Ametis Shower System

Graff, the designer of the displayed work Ametis by Graff spells out, As is the hallmark of organic design, Ametis is a seemingly simple object. The continuous line of the shower column never seems to stop; an LED lighting system illuminates the show <Cropped>

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Wild Life-Interior Design by Shosha Kamal

Shosha Kamal Reveals The Wild Life Interior Design

Shosha Kamal, the architect of the displayed work Award Winning Wild Life Interior Design explains, Design is all about creativity, and creativity is all about Surprises! When wild life meets modernism and falls perfectly in harmony, that's when <Cropped>

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Umbu by Juliana Bertolucci

Juliana Bertolucci Designs The Umbu Ajustable Desk Lamp

Juliana Bertolucci, the thinktank behind the awarded design Ajustable Desk Lamp by Juliana Bertolucci points out, Umbu is a brazilian desk lamp, an adjustable direct lighting. The movement is continuous and soft. It have a triple articulation: the st <Cropped>

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Tourist Center:the Game by Jimmy Yung

Jimmy Yung Exhibits The The Game Tourist Center

Jimmy Yung, the author of the displayed design Tourist Center:The Game by Jimmy Yung explains, This case is located at Jinggang Mountains which is the revolutionary base of Communist Party of China. There are a great deal of visitors and CPC members <Cropped>

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Robotic Storage Design

Pharmathek and Desall Invite You to Design The New Case of The Sintesi Robotized Warehouse Dedicated to The Pharmacy World.robotic Storage Design New Product Design Contest On Pharmathek and Desall Invite You to Design The New Case of The Sin

Pharmathek and desall invite you to design the new case of the sintesi robotized warehouse dedicated to the pharmacy world.Robotic storage design new product design contest on pharmathek and desall invite you to design the new case of th <Cropped>

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Lisbon Under Stars by Ocubo

Ocubo Shares The Lisbon Under Stars Immersive Light Show

OCUBO, the creative mind behind the highlighted design Lisbon Under Stars - Immersive Light Show by OCUBO demonstrates, Lisbon Under Stars was a multidisciplinary experience, which gathered multimedia projections, virtual dancers and visual effects t <Cropped>

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Yacht Interior by David Chang

David Chang Shares The Red Star Yacht Interior

David Chang, the project leader of the displayed work Award Winning Red Star Yacht Interior illustrates, As a luxury yacht project, the flowing feeling of stone pattern and ocean complement each other. The design of space modelling highlights the smo <Cropped>

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Hot Drink Service With Fresh Plants:herbal Tea Garden by Patrick Sarran

Patrick Sarran Presents The Herbal Tea Garden Hot Drink Service With Fresh Plants

Patrick Sarran, the creator of the award winning work Hot drink service with fresh plants:Herbal Tea Garden by Patrick Sarran points out, Patrick Sarran created the Herbal Tea Garden as a unique item for the Landmark Mandarin Oriental of Hong Kong in <Cropped>

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