Cows Coffee Table

Furniture Design Focus: Cows Coffee Table

A Good Furniture design example, the Cows is a creative Coffee Table design. Cows was designed in 2008, and here is a how it is described by its designer: Inspired by the cows, that we love.. (unfortunately in most cases.. to eat.. to drink its milk. <Cropped>

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Corporate Identity by Michal Markiewicz

Michal Markiewicz Shows The Aloft Corporate Identity

Michal Markiewicz, the lead designer of the highlighted work Aloft - Corporate Identity by Michal Markiewicz says, Main goal of this project was to reflect the unique features of a given activity, in the least characteristic way of its specificity. V <Cropped>

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Stage Costume :fire Bird by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Shows The Fire Bird Stage Costume

The designer of the award winning design Stage costume :Fire Bird by Acclaimed Designer says, The wings are being done based on researches of biological sciences and mechanics, and are being created based on standard tailoring techniques and tailorin <Cropped>

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Coffe Table by Guilherme Torres

Guilherme Torres Reveals The Bow Coffe Table

Guilherme Torres, the project leader of the award winning project Coffe table by Guilherme Torres spells out, The metal-covered surface of the body also quotes futuristic designs of the era, but it is a clearly contemporary design. The glass or ma <Cropped>

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Table, Stool, Trestle, Plinth:trifold by Max Hauser

Max Hauser Reveals The Trifold Table, Stool, Trestle, Plinth

Max Hauser, the architect of the highlighted project Table, Stool, Trestle, Plinth:Trifold by Max Hauser says, The Trifold's shape is informed by a combination of triangular surfaces and a unique folding sequence. It has a minimalist yet complex <Cropped>

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Working Space by Create + Think Design Studio

Create + Think Design Studio Illustrates The Light-Axis Working Space

Create + Think Design Studio, the maker of the awarded work Light - Axis by Create + Think Design Studio says, The beginning Based on the puritan Christian values, this building from the founding era of the institution is revitalized with a new her <Cropped>

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Pro Carton Young Designers Award 2019

The Pro Carton Young Designers Award Is Now One of Europe’s Leading Annual Young Talent Competitions For Packaging Design. Every Student Enrolled in a European Design School or University and With a Heart For Structural and Product Design Is Welcome To

The pro carton young designers award is now one of europe’s leading annual young talent competitions for packaging design. every student enrolled in a european design school or university and with a heart for structural and product design is welcom <Cropped>

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Cerrada Reforma 108-Single Family Home by Dcpp Arquitectos

Dcpp Arquitectos Designs The Cerrada Reforma 108 Single Family Home

DCPP Arquitectos, the thinktank behind the displayed work Award Winning Cerrada Reforma 108 Single Family Home explains, Cerrada Reforma 108 is a residential project located in San Angel, Mexico. We decided to construct only half of the plot with a l <Cropped>

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Baroniá Pasta Range by Packlab

Packlab Reveals The Baroniá Pasta Range Global Branding and Packaging Design

PACKLAB, the maker of the highlighted design Award Winning Baroniá Pasta Range Global Branding and Packaging Design points out, As one of the largest producers of pasta in the world, Baroniá needs no introduction. On the same token, the market size <Cropped>

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Office Space Interior Design by Iondesign Gmbh Berlin

Iondesign Gmbh Berlin Illustrates The Smartdigital Office Office Space Interior Design

IONDESIGN GmbH Berlin, the thinktank behind the displayed design SmartDigital Office - Office Space Interior Design by IONDESIGN GmbH Berlin explicates, This project shows numerous similarities between a public and an office project since the space <Cropped>

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